What to expect

A 1-1 gives both you and myself an oppotunity to concentrate on you.

We will talk through what you are coming to yoga for, your aims and concerns (if you have any). 

You can share how you are feeling in mind, body and spirit within a private (and complettely confidential) environment.

I will talk you through the main postures of yoga, expalining the theory and the aims of each.

We will look at your posture and alignment and tailor the practice to your strengths and weaknesses.

You will finish with a greater understanding of yoga and your body and mind’s attitude towards it. From here you will be able to go forward with greater confidence and a personal picture of how yoga will enrich your life.

What you can expect a 1-1 session to include:

Breathing - Pranamyama 

Postures - Asanas

Meditation - Pratyahara / Dhyana / Dharana


1-1.5 hours - depending on your availability.

What to wear

Lose clothing you can move easily in


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